SHIFT by Dana Perri is known for its challenging, high energy, group fitness classes in a unique community setting. Full body workouts with cardiovascular and strength training are at the core of the SHIFT methodology.  Why work your whole body in one class?

In a full body workout, all the major muscle groups are used during cardiovascular training to keep the heart rate elevated and in a target range.  During resistance training, muscle groups are exercised for strength and tone.  Thighs, glutes, calves, back, chest, shoulders and arms are all trained during the class.

There are several benefits to full body workouts:

Maximize your time.  Most people don’t want to spend hours a week in the gym. By focusing on major muscle groups for cardiovascular and resistance training, full body workouts train the muscles in different ways and at different angles. Within a 30-minute exercise period, many different exercises can be performed for cardio and resistance. A challenging workout doesn’t have to take an hour or more.  Full body workouts allow you to get optimum results in minimal time.

Stay more fit.  Full body workouts with cardio and resistance training combined in a challenging format create better results.  More work gets done in less time.  Higher levels of functional performance are obtained through the combination of cardio and resistance as well as the combination of exercises.

Burn more calories in less time. Full body workouts burn more calories because most of exercises are compound exercises using two joints. The major muscle groups simply burn more calories when exercised than minor muscle groups.  Also, working more muscle groups engages more metabolic processes and your metabolism will stay elevated. If you want to lose weight, full body workouts are your best choice.

Greater variety.  Full body workouts featuring cardio and resistance training provides a greater variety of exercises. A SHIFT class will have dozens of exercises strategically combined to produce the greatest benefit. Classes move quickly and efficiently through routines to create variety and diversity.  There’s no getting bored in a SHIFT class.

Improved body composition. Creating a negative energy balance using full body workouts over a period tends to decrease fat and increase lean muscle mass.  The body becomes more tone and fit over time. If calories alone are decreased to create the negative energy balance the body tends to burn lean mass as fuel.  You lose weight but too much of that weight is muscle instead of fat.

Positive Outlook.  Full body workouts are good for your brain as well as your body.  When you exercise, your brain releases endorphins. Endorphins reduce the perception of pain and trigger a positive feeling in the body.  The physical work of the full body workout also stimulates hormones to maintain sturdy muscles and burn fat.