The SHIFT Method uses a circuit training-inspired approach to full body workouts. With circuit training, students move from one exercise to another in continuous and repetitive motions.

A SHIFT class starts with a warm-up phase and moves through cardio and strength training and finishes with a cool down. Dozens of different exercises are combined to seamlessly move the student through each routine and phase of each class.

One of the hallmarks of circuit training is the full body workout. Each workout consists of exercises and routines to train the entire body.  The warm-up phase uses exercises like full body movements and static stretching. The cardio phase uses exercises like lunges, squats, knee ups and dynamic jumps to get the heart rate in the training zone. Exercises like crunches, roll ups and hip raises strengthen the core. Upper body exercises like mountain climbers and bicep curls strengthen and tone the muscles. The cool down uses exercises like knees to the chest and forward fold stretch.

Working the whole body in one workout burns a lot of calories and keeps the metabolism revving throughout the day.  The metabolism is the sum of all the chemical and physical changes in the body as it grows, repairs, and maintains itself. Exercise doesn’t just burn calories while your exercising, it raises the metabolism and burns more energy throughout the day.  Full body workouts promote a higher burn by engaging all the major muscle groups and maintaining a training heart rate.

Circuit training also combines cardio training with strength training.  Traditional weight training focuses on strength building exercises.  Cardio training is done separately. With circuit training routines, cardio exercises are integrated with strength and toning exercises. At SHIFT, cardio exercises performed to pulsating music are combined with strength training exercises using lightweights, resistance bands and weighted medicine balls. Toning and strengthening the muscle groups while keeping the heart rate up is how full body workouts produce the safest and most effective benefits.

The SHIFT circuit-training format is also motivational and fun. Dance, Yoga, Pilates, and lower impact aerobics movements are combined to create a continual blast of endorphins that makes exercise fun and enjoyable.  Let’s face it, exercise is hard enough without it being boring.  A SHIFT class is anything but boring. The circuit training method means everything keeps moving.  By combining multiple disciplines of fitness the SHIFT method keeps you motivated before, during and after every workout. Each class is a challenge for you to be your best.

SHIFT’s methodology gets you maximum results in the least amount of time.  You can train your whole body and get your cardio work done in around 50 minutes.  There’s nothing else you can do to get so much benefit in that amount of time.  It’s efficient and effective while being motivational and fun!