Have you dreamed about the body you really want to have? Have you thought about setting a new personal best for your next competition? Maybe you’ve been contemplating a new sport to try.

Whatever your dreams, dare to dream them. Think about the big picture and what you really want to achieve. It’s all possible. With so many things to do each day, it’s important to keep your dreams alive, and to realize they can come true.

Each day take some time for yourself. Have a seat. Enjoy a relaxing beverage. Let your mind wander. What are your ambitions, goals, and desires? What’s important to you? What journey are you on? Where are you going?

Spend a little of this time each day just for you. You may find that part of your dreams makes it into the rest of your day. It may be part of your moments or opportunities. But if you don’t take the time to relax and open your thoughts each day you run the risk of closing yourself off. You close yourself off to the possibilities of your life. Dreaming keeps your energy flowing and the possibilities alive.

Ask yourself, “What if I . . .?” Fill in the rest of the statement with what you’re dreaming about. “What if I take that new job?”  “What if I take time off and travel like I’ve always wanted to?” “What if I sell the house and go back to school?”  Asking yourself “What if I?” can open a lot of possibilities. It allows you to think about what’s possible.

Maybe you want a new relationship or a better job. Maybe you want a new car or a new house? Maybe you want to help your friends or your community. Whatever your wishes are, contemplate them. Let them come alive in your mind. Visualize them and realize you can make them happen.

Only positive things can come from having dreams. By dreaming you’re allowing your brain to contemplate the possibilities of your life. It’s not just fantasy. Think about the times in your life you dared to dream, and the dream came true. Getting a high school or college degree is a dream for a lot of people. The moment they’re handed the diploma they realized a dream was accomplished. People compete in sports and dream about reaching new heights. When they reach the heights, they realize they met their dreams. Dreams do come true.

Dare to dream. Dare to be open to the possibilities. You can always say no. It’s easy to say no. Don’t give in to what’s easy.  Dare to open your life to the possibilities your universe offers you. It’s in your head. It’s your dreams. Dare to reach them.