It’s hard to make fitness part of your everyday lifestyle if you haven’t been exercising regularly. It takes time to build the habit and make fitness a priority.

Results and overall health come when you are consistent with your diet and your workouts. Making fitness a priority is how you get consistent. It’s hard work getting to the gym on a regular basis. It’s a sacrifice. But it’s the right kind of sacrifice. The benefits you get are immeasurable.  How do you put a price on your health? Your well-being? Your self-esteem? The answer is YOU DON’T!

It’s all part of a larger process. Every day there are things to get done.  It’s part of being responsible for yourself. Every day you take the steps to exercise, eat right, hydrate and get enough sleep.  This doesn’t happen by itself. You must work at making it happen.

Think about why you want to exercise. Everyone knows they should.  Knowing you should and wanting to are two very different things. If you can figure out why you want to workout then you’re more likely to do it. You can hone in on the motivation you need to get to the gym consistently. Your why is what helps you get to the gym.

What’s your first step? Make yourself the priority. Working out takes time. You need to create the time. It’s your time to take care of you. Your attitude needs to be “I’m taking care of me!” People around you will try to get you off track for their own reasons. You need to resist their intrusions and take the time you need to get healthy.

Next, block out time for your exercise. Figure out the best days and times for you to work out. For example, if you’re not a morning person don’t plan on working out at 6 am. You probably won’t make it regularly. Maybe 5:30pm after work is your best time. Whenever it is, make it YOUR time.

Next, do exercise you enjoy.  There’s lots of different exercise you can do.  From weight training to circuit workouts to yoga, you have options. Figure out what is best for you and make it something you enjoy.  You’re more likely to stick with it if you enjoy it. Try different exercise routines. Experiment. Talk with your friends. Take time to figure out what’s going to work for you in the long run.

Getting a workout buddy is your next step.  Ideally it’s someone who is already working out regularly. Someone who already has the workout habit and make it part of his or her lifestyle. These people “get it.” They can help you to get the habit as well.  They know how hard it is because they’ve been there. You can share your ups and downs and work through things when they come up. You’re not alone.

Lastly, reward yourself when you make gains. Go out for a nice, healthy dinner after your first week in the gym. Celebrate the first month or the first year. Buy yourself something nice when you reach a new goal.  Rewarding yourself for a job well done is an important part of making fitness a priority. It’s gives you added incentive to make fitness part of your lifestyle.