Every day there are good things happening around you.  Some of these good things may affect you.  When they happen, take the time to grab the moment and take from it all you can.

Grabbing the moment means being conscious of your day and knowing how and when things are happening. Be aware and awake. Think about the ebb and flow of your day.  The good moments won’t be hiding for long. They stick out like a sore thumb when you know what to look for. But you need to take the moment and do something with it. Make something wonderful happen.

Have you ever taken a wrong turn and found a great coffee shop, restaurant or hotel? That’s grabbing the moment. You take seemingly nothing and turn it into something valuable. Have you started reading something while you’re waiting and learned something valuable? That’s grabbing the moment. Have you notice how things aren’t going right throughout your day and you decide to change the pattern and make it better? That’s grabbing the moment.

Grabbing a moment can lead to wonderful things. Here are a few things that can help you to grab your moments and make them special.

  1. Be Present
    To grab the moment you need to be present. You need to be in the here and now. Try to let go of the past. It’s gone. You can’t change it. And you can’t be too focused on the future and what may happen. Think about today and where you are now. If you feel yourself drifting and not being present stop where you are and find something good. Grab a coffee or a healthy snack. Take 5 minutes and enjoy a little walk outside. Do something positive to put you in the moment.
  2. Be Mindful
    People are happier and more productive when they pay attention to what they’re doing. Paying attention is being mindful. It’s knowing your purpose and that what you’re doing is feeding that purpose. One way to be mindful is to be grateful. Think of the things you’re grateful for. What do they mean to you? Why are they important? Gratitude fosters a whole flow of beliefs that can help you to be mindful. If you need to be more mindful simply ask “What am I grateful for?”
  3. Connect the Dots
    As human beings we have patterns in our lives. We are creatures of habit. We love our routines and repeating them over and over brings us great satisfaction. Grabbing the moment and making great things happen may occur in or out of your routine. There’s no guarantee when the moments arrive. Since we’re good at creating patterns try connecting the dots throughout the day. Go through the mental exercise of thinking about the events of your day and string them together. What were they? Were they related? Are they productive? Are you happy about them? By connecting the dots, you can get a sense of what’s coming. Or what you may make happen. You’ll be on high alert and ready to grab the moment when it comes!