SHIFT Body Innovation (SBI) by Dana Perri is a full body, cardio strength workout system for unparalleled performance and results. The system uses full body circuit workouts with a variety of exercises for performance and variety.

Cardio strength is the combination of strength and cardio movements and exercises into one workout. The goal is to achieve a balance of strength training for the muscles and cardiovascular conditioning for overall health and fitness.

Workout styles have traditionally been more strength oriented for people who want to build muscle and cardiovascular oriented for people who want to lose weight.  People who want to lose weight didn’t weight train because they didn’t want to gain muscle. People who wanted to build muscle wouldn’t do cardio because they didn’t want to lose muscle mass. Through research, training and experience we know now you can do both successfully.

SBI’s cardio strength methodology uses lightweights, resistance bands and weighted medicine balls in a circuit-style format.  Various muscle groups are toned and strengthened while keeping the heart rate up.

In a full body workout, the major muscle groups are used during cardiovascular training to keep the heart rate elevated and in a target range.  During resistance training, muscle groups are exercised for strength and tone.  Thighs, glutes, calves, back, chest, shoulders and arms are all trained during the class.

The warm-up phase uses exercises like full body movements and static stretching. The cardio phase uses exercises like lunges, squats, knee ups and dynamic jumps to get the heart rate in the training zone. Exercises like crunches, roll ups and hip raises strengthen the core. Upper body exercises like mountain climbers and bicep curls strengthen and tone the muscles. The cool down uses exercises like knees to the chest and forward fold stretch.

Working the whole body in one workout burns a lot of calories and keeps the metabolism revving throughout the day.  These major muscle groups simply burn more calories when exercised than minor muscle groups.  Also, working more muscle groups engages more metabolic processes and your metabolism will stay elevated. If you want to lose weight, full body workouts are your best choice.

The metabolism is the sum of all the chemical and physical changes in the body as it grows, repairs, and maintains itself. Exercise doesn’t just burn calories while your exercising, it raises the metabolism and burns more energy throughout the day.  Full body workouts promote a higher burn by engaging all the major muscle groups and maintaining a training heart rate.

If you want to do weight training and cardiovascular exercise because you know they’re both good for you, try SHIFT Body Innovation and get the best of worlds.