Fitness is a journey and a path of continual learning. You learn how to work out and how to eat better. You learn how your body adapts to different types of activity. Underlying all of this is your lifestyle and how you choose to live your life.

The SHIFT lifestyle is based on the belief we can make choices to shape our lives each day. As our day unfolds our choices can positively influence our lives.  The SHIFT core belief is the acronym “Shaping How I Feel Today.” We choose how we feel about each day’s events. We also choose how we react to them. We are all empowered to shape each day for the best possible outcome.

Shaping How I Feel Today is rooted in living one day at a time. Today is today. It’s your choice to create opportunities to get the most out of today.  Yesterday is done. Over. It’s history. You can’t change what you or anyone else did yesterday.  Tomorrow is anyone’s guess. Since no one has a crystal ball we can only hope tomorrow is going to work in our favor.

Each day, how do you know what and when to shift?

The SHIFT Thinking Process gives us steps to follow to make more beneficial decisions throughout each day:

  1. Each day, you decide to accept or reject things. You engage or disregard other things. Regardless of what happens, you have choices. You choose the actions you take or your responses you make. You choose!
  2. Once you’ve made a choice you commit to your action. You focus on your actions and hold yourself accountable. You commit!
  3. With your commitment in place, you take action on your choice. You look at your alternatives and act with intention to get your desired result. You act!
  4. With your action complete and your positive results returned, its time to reward yourself. Give yourself an indulgence as a reward for your success.
  5. SHIFT. You made your choice and committed to action. You indulged yourself for your success. The process is complete. You made a SHIFT! What’s next?

Learn the thinking process and apply it to your daily lifestyle. It will help you make the best choices you can make today. You can’t change yesterday, and you can’t control tomorrow. You can only put your energies towards today.

That’s what Shaping How I Feel Today is all about. It’s about empowering yourself today to make incredible choices to benefit you! It’s about understanding you can do something about right now. You can learn from yesterday, but you can’t change it. You can apply that learning today and hope for the best tomorrow.