The SHIFT lifestyle is based on the belief we can make choices to shape our lives each day. As our day unfolds our choices can positively influence our lives.  The SHIFT acronym is “Shaping How I Feel Today.” We choose how we feel about each day’s events. We also choose how we react to them. We are all empowered to shape each day for the best possible outcome. You can make a shift anytime throughout your day. They key is learning when and how to make the shift.

How’s your day going?

It helps to make a mental check several times throughout the day. “How’s my day going?” Are you doing the thing you want to do? Are they going well? If not, what can you change to make things better? What can you decide to do differently to change the way your day is going?

It can be challenging to be mindful of how your day is going. You get into your routine and do the things you’re used to doing. Think of it this way. When you watch a horror movie and you cover your eyes during a scary part, you’re disengaging yourself from the movie. You’re reengaging with how you feel. Because of the movie you’re obviously anxious or scared. By covering your eyes, you calm down.

To make a mindful check on how your day is going basically cover your eyes. Step out of your day and ask how things are going. By pausing for a few minutes, you can take stock of your day and decide if you need to shift.

What’s working?

During your pauses throughout the day, pay attention to what’s going right. It’s more beneficial to think about the positive than the negative. Shine the light on what’s working and what you can do to get more of that. It’s fun when things are going well. Build on those things. Perhaps you had a great encounter with a co-worker. How do you do that with someone else? Or perhaps you did great work on a task today. How do you do more of that? Make the shift to the positive things that are going to bring you great results today.

What have you decided?

Do you need to make a shift and better shape how your day is going? Go ahead and make the shift if that’s your decision. Making these types of decisions are empowering for you. You’re taking responsibility for how your day is going. You’re not just letting life happen to you, you’re taking charge.

Make the SHIFT!