Abandoned your fitness resolutions for the year already? Is the new diet in the rear view mirror? Those morning workouts just a memory? Falling off the fitness wagon happens. You’re only human after all!

Statistically speaking, only about 20% of people who start working out keep working out. Living a life of fitness is not an easy thing to do. If it were easy everybody would be able to do it.

Congratulations on starting a fitness or nutrition program. It’s a great thing to do. When you fall off the wagon you need to learn how to get back on board. If you keep trying eventually, you’re going to get there. Just don’t quit.

Here’s a few steps you can take to get back on the wagon.

  1. Realize fitness and nutrition is all about routine.
    Working out and eating better is part of your daily routine. It’s not something you do once it’s a while. It’s something you do consistently. It’s like brushing your teeth or showing in the morning. It’s something you do as part of your daily routine. It’s important to realize you need to create the patterns that help you do the work. It’s hard work to develop a new routine. Too often we think its just a matter of will power. It’s not. It’s a matter of building a better routine.
  2. Something is getting in your way.
    Routines are consistent. You can write down the steps you’re taking. Give it a try. Write down the steps you take to make it to the gym for a workout. Or the steps you take for a nutritious meal. If something is getting in the way of your routine what is it? What step is the problem? Find what’s getting in your way. Don’t leave it a mystery and make excuses. Find what’s screwing up your routine.
  3. Deal with it.
    If you found the thing that’s getting in your way, deal with it. Fix the problem so your routine can function properly. Granted, this is easier said that done. A big advantage you have is you’re being mindful of your routine. Too often the problem with your routine is your unconscious behavior. For example, you may not thing about bringing your gym bag to work with you so you can go to the gym right from work. Or you don’t think about preparing a meal in advance instead of grabbing what’s available.
  4. Take the next step.
    Each time you fall off the fitness wagon you have an opportunity to fix the problem and take the next step. Get one step better about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. Make an improvement and advance yourself. Learn that the failure you had before doesn’t have to stop you now.