If you take a fitness class, you already know how important music is. The right high energy music makes the workout possible. In gyms, fitness centers or athletic clubs everywhere, nearly everyone working out is wearing headphones and listening to music.

There’s no doubt the rights songs can get you working out and feeling great about yourself. Everyone knows music makes you feel good.

Music can improve your mood and your motivation. Even if you don’t feel like working out, putting on an upbeat song and changing your mindset can put you in the mood to go workout. There’s no doubt playing music while you’re working out both improves your mood and deflects negative thoughts and emotions.

Some songs have been deemed essential to workout playlists. The most popular workout song for the last four years on Spotify is Eminem’s “Till I Collapse”. Eminem’s song is a pep talk in disguise. “When you feel weak you feel like you want to just give up but you gotta search within you, you gotta find that inner strength.”

Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” and Kanye West’s “Stronger” are also across-the-board workout favorites. Normani’s “Motivation” and Lizzo’s “Good as Hell,” are workout staples.

Obviously, there’s many different tastes when it comes to music. The speed and tempo of the music being played can affect the intensity of the exercise. Slower songs are good for warmups and faster, more intense songs are good for high intensity exercise.

Turns out there’s good scientific reasons for listening to music while you work out. Science has proven that listening to music with more beats per minute can enhance physical performance.

Music reduces feeling fatigued. Music can distract your mind from feeling fatigued during a workout. You’re able to push yourself longer and harder because your mind isn’t focusing on the pain and discomfort. You’re focused on the song your playing and getting motivated by the beat.

Music improves your coordination. It takes coordination to move to the beat. Not everyone is a natural when it comes to moving with the beat. When you’re in sync with the beat there’s a self confidence that comes with it.

Music can improve strength and performance. Whether the music is a distraction, or it dials you in, music can help you with your performance. It focuses the mind on the task at hand without being a distraction. You’re able to get into the zone and build your intensity to perform better.

What’s your favorite music list for your workouts?