Live streamed fitness classes have taken over from group classes in the gym. Not only are they safe and socially responsible, they are fresh, exciting, and challenging without any hassles. You can take the classes at home streamed over services like Zoom and Facebook. Regardless of how the global pandemic goes, live streamed fitness classes are here to stay.

Convenience is a big reason live streamed classes are growing and becoming mainstream. A live streamed exercise class can be taken just about anywhere. If you have a laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone you can receive the video. You can set up a fitness room in your living room, garage, bedroom, or porch outside. You can take a class in the backyard, the beach, or a turf field. Wherever you want to take a class, you can. There is no driving. Driving to the gym is completely gone. It is a big time savings and removes any excuses about not being able to make it to class.

Taking classes in the convenience of your own home also makes people more comfortable. Beginners will not feel the pressure of having a group of people to exercise in front of. It is challenging to learn a new class and people are often afraid to make mistakes in front of other people. At home, there is only the instructor who can see you. You can start slow and take a class at a pace that makes you comfortable. Stop and rest for a moment and no one will see.

Instruction is another reason why live streamed fitness classes are catching on. The instructor can see you and what you are doing. It is quite easy to instruct a student. It does not take any time for the instructor to walk across the room. The instructor simply speaks. Even with a class of 25 students the instructor can see what is happening and make corrections and adjustments. You are likely to get the help you need when you need it.

Because you are exercising at home, you can set up your exercise space the way you want it. Choose the room you want to have it in and create a surrounding that is positive and free from distraction. You can create the lighting, flooring, and space that works for you. You can try different places to take classes. Experiment. Try new places. Your location can change how you feel about the class and yourself. You can also wear what you want to wear. Some days you feel like just throwing on the sweatpants and working out. It is ok. There is no one there to judge!

You can also invite friends to take classes with you. You and a workout partner can take the class together. Or you can exercise with your spouse. If it’s convenient for one person than it is convenient for two people. Working out with a buddy can make a big difference in your exercise routine. You are more likely to make the workout and not skip it. You can hold each other accountable. It can also motivate you to work out with your partner in your home. You can talk, laugh and support each other.

What are you going to do with the time you save from your home workouts? Before a class starts you can be doing anything at home. You do not have to drive to the gym, so you are saving that drive time. You do not drive home after the workout either. You can sit and relax after a workout and have a nice cold beverage and feel good about what you just accomplished.