Born from necessity, home workouts are the new norm. Makeshift workout rooms are being set up in thousands of homes and people are tuning into online training on Zoom.

Here are a few helpful home workout tips to keep you moving forward:

Keep it simple.
It is hard enough to adjust to working out at home. The room is in your home and you do not have to drive anywhere. You have access to the room anytime you want. Then why is it so hard to get in there and get a workout done? Keep things simple. Do not try to reinvent your gym workout intensity in your house. Simplify your workouts and your goals. Make things easy so you do not put a lot of pressure on yourself. Heaping pressure on yourself to get results is not going to help. Find ways and get used to working out consistently.

Schedule your workouts.
Just like a meeting at work, schedule your workouts. You are more likely to make your workouts consistently if you do. When you put things in your calendar you make room for the appointment to happen. Even at home things come up. Family, friends, work, and a myriad of things can crop up and prevent you from making it to your exercise room. Same problems, different workout room. Scheduling your workouts will help keep you regimented and make your workouts a priority versus all the other things you need to do.

Keep the formality you are used to.
Because you are working out at home, there is a tendency to remove the rituals and behaviors you had when you were going to the gym. The gym is a public environment. Other people could see you and it affected your behavior. For most people it added a level of discipline. You do not want to go to the gym and then put in a half-hearted workout. You are around a lot of other people working hard so you worked hard. At home, it is just you. You need to figure out how to keep the discipline, structure, and formality that you had at the gym.  It is an important part of getting results.

Let everyone know.
If you have family living at home with you let them know your intentions. Tell them your workout schedule. You can even post it somewhere so they can see it. If everyone knows what you are doing, they are more likely to respect the time and effort you need to make it happen. They are less likely to bother you during your workout time. They can also be encouraging! If you do not feel like working out, they may be the boost you need to get to your workout room and get it done! No one is an island.