Whether you are working out at the gym or at home, scheduling your workout is an essential task. Protecting your schedule, however, is where the real effort pays off.

We are all busy. Ask anyone you know. Everyone will tell you they are busy. It is the way our world has become. Our technology makes us available 24/7. People have access to our schedule and our lives. Scheduling a workout is an important activity. It is too easy to get off track because we create such busy lives.

Workout consistency is so important to getting results. In fact, consistency is the most important aspects of your workout routine. Results are dependent on working out daily. If you are missing workouts your body does not get the chance to adapt to the work and stress of fitness that creates results.

Making time for a workout does not make it happen. If you have an idea of when you are working out and you are winging it, getting to your workout will be inconsistent. You have too many pressures on your time to wing it. It’s easy to miss a workout in favor of another activity. This is especially true if you are working out at home. It is simple to find something else to do besides your workout.

We know people who schedule their workouts and put the “appointment” in their calendar have better attendance than people who wing it. They tend to be very committed to their workout because they know what it takes to make a workout day in and day out.

Getting to the gym or making your workout at home is a matter of priorities. You decide to make fitness a priority versus the other priorities of your life. If you do not prioritize fitness appropriately it can make workout consistency a challenge. You do not have time for everything.

Here are a few helpful tips to make your workouts a priority.

Find the Most Opportune Time
Spend some time working on your schedule. What is the best time for your workout? What day and time are you most likely to make it? If your workout time is right after work and you often work late that workout time does not make sense. If you are regularly available for workouts on the weekends, then make Saturday and Sunday part of your workout days.

Organize Yourself
In addition to scheduling your workout, keep yourself organized so you have the best chance of keeping your schedule. There are many things in and around your life you can organize to keep yourself efficient. Schedule other things that take up your time. Your sleep schedule, for example, is something that can affect your workout schedule. You spend one-third of your life sleeping.

Learn to Say “No”
When people impede on your time sometimes you have to say “no.” Saying no helps you stick to your schedule. Stick with your priorities and know when to say no so you can make your workout a priority.

Photo credit: www.verywellfit.com