Fitness Expert

Dana Perri has been in the fitness industry for 20 years. With her background as a professional dancer and Cirque du Soleil artist, she developed and created SHIFT Body Innovation. This unique methodology is truly a recipe for results and its time for the world to find out about it.  With her years of experience and the development of SHIFT Body Innovation she opened her own fitness studio in Sherman Oaks, California.

The SHIFT Body Innovation workout system combines cardio and resistance exercises in non-stop, choreographed classes with intricate pacing, sequences, and intervals.  Each class is performed on a world class spring floor, which guarantees students the best possible results a full body workout can offer while reducing the risk of injury. The SHIFT methodology uses customized music which adds the element of fun.

The key to SHIFT is non-stop cardio and resistance exercises combined and set to motion. Dana creates a variety of choreographed classes guaranteed to get the heart pumping and the blood flowing. Intervals and pace are what make SHIFT Body Innovation results-oriented. Using lightweights, resistance bands and weighted medicine balls you are guaranteed a full body workout that is exciting, safe, and effective!