Individualized Nutrition

Dana Perri knows the best food plan is one that you’ll follow.  Dana has a keen ability to read her clients and understand their needs. She will provide a food plan based on your current health, nutrition and fitness and factor in the changes you need to make. Dana is a world class athlete who lives a disciplined, fitness lifestyle.  She is a consummate professional who will help you change your nutrition and your life.

Custom Menus

Confused about what to eat to get results? Dana Perri’s daily menus are your solution. Dana will individualize your menus and provide a guideline you can follow.  She uses your food choices to work out menus to get you the results you want. Don’t guess about what works. Let Dana Perri show you exactly what will work for you.

Video Conferencing

No matter where you live you can talk with Dana Perri personally.  Using video conferencing you can talk with her in a virtual face-to-face environment. Discuss your nutrition and eating habits with her. Have a conversation with a true professional who understands what it takes to get results. Dana has worked with thousands of people and she can help you too.

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