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Introducing the SHIFT Body Innovation by Celebrity Trainer and Fitness Leader Dana Perri.

Get results you never thought possible!

SHIFT Body Innovation combines aerobic and resistance exercise in a non-stop, choreographed routine with intricate pacing, sequences, and intervals.

  • Full body workouts
  • Resistance training and aerobic training at the same time
  • Fast paced choreography for total motivation and fun!
  • Complete instruction from creator Dana Perri
  • Online streaming to workout at home

Clips Online

Learn about SHIFT Body Innovation from Dana Perri herself. Watch her online clips.  Find out why Dana’s system creates the best opportunity to get results.

Streaming Video

Follow along with Dana as she leads real fitness classes using the SHIFT methods. Get instruction from Dana in the comfort of your own home.

Read the Blog

Read Dana’s blog and learn from the guru herself.  She’ll share her own tips to help you with your journey.