SHIFT Body Innovation

by Dana Perri

A full body, cardio strength workout system for unparalleled performance and results. Get the best results possible in the least amount of time.

  • Full Body Workout System
  • Focus on Cardio Strength and Conditioning
  • Large variety of exercises to work the body at different angles
  • Circuit training design for performance and variety
  • Tempo and Intervals for optimum intensity

SHIFT Body Innovation is a high motivation, full body workout system created and developed by celebrity trainer and fitness expert, Dana Perri.

SHIFT Body Innovation is designed to work the full body each workout to get maximum results in the least amount of time. The system’s cardio strength format combines cardiovascular and strength exercises.  Using lightweights, resistance bands and weighted medicine balls in a circuit-style format, muscle groups are toned and strengthened while keeping the heart rate up.

The system uses a large variety of exercises to work the body at different angles. The sequencing of exercises creates fluid transitions with the intention of keeping the energy high and the user engaged.

A key technique of SHIFT Body Innovation is tempo. The tempo of the exercises is designed to minimize fatigue and maximize performance. The goal is to get the most results from the total volume of workout and to burn out on each exercise. Managing the tempo keeps the workout productive and fun at the same time.

SHIFT Body Innovation was created by Dana with her more than 20 years of dance, aerial artistry and choreography. Dana saw cardio and resistance training each as one side of the same coin. Through her extensive background in dance she learned the importance of tempo and optimizing the pace of a workout.

The result is state-of-the-art conditioning program that’s fun and gets maximum results in the least amount of time.

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