Circuit Training Approach

SHIFT Body Innovation uses a circuit training-inspired approach to full body workouts. With this methodology, students move from one exercise to another in a continuous circuit of training. The table below shows sample exercises used at each phase of the workout.

Phase Sample Exercises
Warm Up Knee bends and leg stretches
Cardio Lunges, squats, knee ups and dynamic jumps
The Core Crunches, roll ups and hip raises
Upper body Mountain climbers and bicep curls
Cool Down Knees to the chest and fold over stretch

Circuit training combines cardio with strength training.  Cardio exercises, performed to pulsating music, are combined with strength training exercises using lightweights, resistance bands and weighted medicine balls. Toning and strengthening the muscle groups while keeping the heart rate up is how full body workouts produce the benefits. The SHIFT circuit training format is also motivational and fun. Dance, yoga, Pilates, and low impact aerobic movements are combined to create a continual blast of endorphins that makes these exercises effective and enjoyable.  By combining multiple disciplines, the SHIFT method keeps you motivated before, during, and after the workout. Each class is a challenge for you to be your best. SHIFT’s circuit training format also gets you maximum results in the least amount of time.  You can train your whole body and get your cardio work done in less than an hour.  It’s efficient and effective, while being motivational and fun!