Warm Up – Full Body Workout

This is the warm up for a full body circuit workout. In every workout we must warm up. The following exercises should be done in order.

Deep Breaths 1

Start with four deep breaths.  First, inhale on the way up. Start with the arms to the center and extend your arms straight above your head.







Deep Breaths 2

With arms extended overhead, bring the arms down to the starting position. Exhale on the way down.







Straight Leg Stretch 1

Bend over and straighten your legs to feel a stretch.







Straight Leg Stretch 2

Bend and straighten your legs.  Do this 4 times.







Right Leg Stretch 1

Walk your hands over to the right side. Nose to your need. Feel the stretch.







Right Leg Stretch 2

Bend your other knee and feel the stretch in your right leg.